bowflex pr1000The Bowflex pr1000 is one of the most durable machines that can fit in a home. Providing a little over 30 different exercises, it saves many unwanted trips and membership to a professional facility. The revolutionary use of power rods over the classic weights, offers a well deserved air of superiority to the all in one machine, and makes it easy to use by newcomers.

Most buyers and users are first excited about the size. At only 84L x 38W x 81H inches, the Bowflex pr1000 is one of the most compact machines money can buy, and it’s clearly been designed for home gym users. While it only sustains 210 pounds of resistance in exercises, it is more than enough for any casual practitioner. This product was never aimed at professional bodybuilders, although it has an insane durability, developed after constant sheeting and testing, and can in theory raise the weight resistance. This is however not recommended.

The biggest downside to the Bowflex pr1000 is that it came out without a proper guide for executing its exercise palette. Most users complain that it takes a while to figure out every routine that can be done. While the lack of instructional videos are a bit disappointing for some, others say that this issue pales in comparison to the machines overall versatility.

For the casual user, the multitude of exercises will offer a great introduction to the art of bodybuilding or general fitness. Bench presses, crunches, extensions and rows are just a few things with many variations that can be done with revolutionary power rod technology. The fact that it’s still being used in certain households since 2008 is a clear testament to how flexible, durable and effective the pr1000 is. At least 90% of buyers have seen improvements after regular workout sessions and have continued to use the machine to keep fit. The fact that it can easily fit in a room no matter the size, is a great space saver too.

The setup part is easy for anyone. Bowflex pr1000 was designed to be assembled fast and without putting a physical strain on the user. With the machine available with many retail stores, including major ones, the only thing left to consider is the extra weight shipping costs. Purchasing such a machine can still be a good investment even if newer models have appeared. It’s variety of exercises is still more than enough for any casual weight lifters or fitness enthusiasts. The greatest thing about new models being launched is that the price of Bowflex pr1000 will only get better.