muscle diet plan

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We see it all the time, people go to the gym to workout because they want to pack on some muscle, and some people do follow a solid routine and make some gains, but after a year has gone by they still look the same.

In other words, they haven’t packed on much more size, they look soft and this can lead to people wondering what did they do wrong, and the chances are that it has something to do with their nutrition.

In order to get bigger, you need to eat a lot of food because you cannot grow without the right amount of fuel, and successful bodybuilders know that you need to eat a lot and you need to eat often.

What Would Arnie Eat

The greatest bodybuilder that has ever competed is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and you should know what he recommend as far as food goes.

What Arnold would mainly focus on was eating whole and natural foods and avoiding foods that have been processed heavily. The former bodybuilder has a book called Total Recall and in that book he recommends what people should do in terms of eating.

In the book, Arnold recommends that you eat 5-6 smaller meals on a daily basis, as well as consume carbs about 30 minutes after you exercise.

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The book also recommends not avoiding saturated fats because they can increase hormone levels. It recommends that you consume more more than 3 eggs per day, as well as recommending that you stay away from sugar because it has empty calories.

When you eat 5-6 smaller meals per day, then you will be providing your body with a steady stream of fuel, and eating carbs after you exercise is something you should do because insulin is released, and too much insulin can work against you if you’re trying to shed some pounds, but it can help you get bigger.

As for the amount of protein you should get, try to go for 30-50 grams per meal, as this means you will be getting 180-300 grams of protein per day, if you eat 5-6 meals per day. There is a recommended threshold of 0.6-1 gram of protein per day, eating meals that contain 30-50 grams per meal and eating 5-6 meals per day should keep you within that recommended range.

Fats and Proteins

Many people believe saturated fats should be off limits, but it’s worth pointing out that there really are no links between the risk of heart disease and increased saturated fat consumption, and you should know that these types of fats are important because it plays a role in the production of testosterone.

Eggs are sometimes avoided by bodybuilders, but they are quite good for you and you should consume them on a regular basis because they contain quite a bit of protein. If you want to gain size and pack on lean muscle, then include eggs in your diet.

Chicken and fish are great protein sources, and they are usually leaner than pork and beef. As for sugar, sugar contains empty calories and you should avoid it regardless of what your fitness goals are.

If you need another source of protein, then turn to shakes, as they are a quick way to get some added protein in your diet. Ideally you should get all your protein from food, but sometimes this isn’t possible and this is why you should consume protein shakes.

Tailor Your Own Diet

Keep in mind that what worked for Arnold may not work for other people, including yourself. People are different and they have different body types, but as you progress in your exercise and diet regime, you will figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Remember, even a great nutrition plan will evolve over a period of time. The reason why is because you will be training for more size, which means you will likely be eating more calories and more protein, which means your nutrition needs will evolve.