To treat Gynecomastia, one must know the symptoms and establish that they do have the disease. Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that a man has Gynecomastia, when they don’t. The only way to prove it is by visiting a doctor. Some of the symptoms and signs that should prompt a doctor’s visit are:

  • Swelling on a man’s breast tissues. The swelling should be abnormal, and away from the body.
  • Along with the swelling, the breast will feel tender to the touch.
  • There is also a diameter increase on the areola.

man boobs

Treatment Options

If Gynecomastia infects the young and teenagers, it often resolves itself with time. However, a visit to the doctor is essential in order to determine how serious the disease is, or the cause of the disease. In cases where the condition won’t resolve itself, several treatment options are available. They include the following:

  • Use of medication – These are used as a form of hormone therapy. The purpose is to reduce estrogen effects. The medication is used to block estrogen effects. The types of medicines used to treat this condition are Tamoxifen. This is a drug normally used by women to treat breast cancer. It specifically blocks estrogen from performing any action in the body. Tamoxifen works by decreasing breast pain and reducing breast enlargement for men.
  • Use of Inhibitors – The Aromatase activity in a man’s body is where estrogen is created, increasing estrogen levels. Women who are suffering from ovarian cancer and/or breast cancer use the aromatase inhibitors. However, they can be used to help men who have Gynecomastia. Scientists are still working on the effectiveness of this approach, as it hasn’t been fully developed as of yet.
  • The other option is to have testosterone replacement. This method of treatment is used for elderly men. They purpose is to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, to keep the levels normal.

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If the medication route doesn’t work, there is the option of getting surgery to resolve Gynecomastia. There are two types of surgery options. They are:

  • Liposuction – This procedure describes when the doctor decides to remove the fatty tissues of the enlarged breasts. These tissues are soft, and it makes it easy for the doctor to make an incision of around 3 to 4 mm. The doctor inserts a tube into the enlarged breast and sucks out the fatty tissue.
  • Excision – This process is used to cut out the glandular tissue of the enlarged breast. Glandular tissues feel firm and/or dense to the touch. It may also be considered a mastectomy. The doctor cuts out glandular tissue using a scalpel. This procedure does leave a scar.

When it comes to surgery, the doctor may recommend the use of both liposuction and excision.

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