Popular Clenbuterol cyclesClenbuteral is a very powerful and effective fat burner if only administered properly. It works by stimulating Beta 2 receptors to increase metabolism. This increase in metabolic activity promotes the use of body fat for energy. Clenbuteral comes with many benefits. It improves the cardiovascular health, treats asthma, promotes fat burning abilities among others. These benefits only become perfect if the the drug is carefully and properly administered. People who fail to follow the correct instructions will experience, Jittery feeling, insomnia, muscle cramps and cardiac hypertrophy.

There are 3 common clenbuterol cycle:
– 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off
– 2 days on/ 2 days off(bursting cycle)
– Incrementing Clenbuterol cycle

1. Two weeks on/ Two weeks off cycle

This is the most common cycle. It is a very simple cycle where one begines with a low dose, normally in the range of 20mcg to 40mcg. The dose will increase each day until one reaches the maximum dosage that ranges between 100mcg and 140mcg. This is then going to be discontinued at the two week mark and the individual will then rest for two weeks with no clenbuterol intake. The dosage will then continue after the two weeks of break, starting with the last run of the ending dosage. This cycle makes the the body to adapt to the medication. The two weeks break allows the body to fairly maintain the metabolic activity every time the use begines. The problem with this method is that without the presence of the fat burner, metabolic activity slows down due to the mitochondria now emitting less heat.

2. Two days on/ Two days off Cycle

This method is also called the bursting cycle. The individual will take a relatively high dosage of clenbuterol for two days and then follow it with nothing for the next two days. This will be repeated continuously until one achieves the desired results. This cycle is often used for extended periods of time and can go for months. It has proved to be the most ineffective cycle among the three and strains the body so much. It destabilizes the body and brings undue stress. It does not make the best use of the fat burning potential of the Beta 2 stimulator and its results are the least favorite.

Clenbuterol fatburner3. Incrementing Clenbuterol Cycle

This is the least popular cycle yet the most effective. Its popularity is steadily growing, owing to its good results, efficiency and effectiveness. This cycle is very simple; it starts with a low dose, generally ranging from 20mcg to 40mcg and increasing the dosage every two to three weeks by 20mcg depending on the desired needs. Incrementing clenbuteral cycle allows the drug to be fully utilized by the body thereby ensuring that metabolism is at its optimum through out the dosage period. This cycle eliminates the problem of the 2 weeks on/2 weeks off cycle of slow metabolism by maintaining the medication in the system throughout the dosage period. The steady increment of the dosage also ensures that the body does not become accustomed to the drug. The jittery feeling is also reduced with this cycle. This is the best cycle of the three and is highly recommended.