High Heels & Hat Stories

At the end of a year, the frigid weather and thick snow always tangle together. In spite of long-drawn and boring chilling winter, fashion girls should do something interesting to light the boring life. Psychologically speaking.

I’am a little tired of wearing sweaters and ski wears. Fashion diversion is badly needed for me, but it’s cruel to imagine abounded spring. When I mount my bike, I found that it is too cold to go out and ski. So I plan to get some thick hats for winter. All information on my Pinterest account reveals that I have dedicated to hats for a time. A superb collection of headpieces in my wardrobe is the source of my nickname “Hat Complex”, such as vintage hats, fashion hats from runways, bucket hats, cloches and fedoras.

Almost my whole week is occupied by thinking about hats, browsing hats and reading hats. The vintage cloches like that one wore by Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey. Isn’t it a divine and classic look? I hope I could own the whole outfit in one day.

A costume in the film Funny face in 1957 caught my attention when I browse hats. See the following photo. I have no idea about the name of the hat. Is it possible to call it a bucket hat, cloche or Lampashade? No matter what its name, I just want it.

Another one comes from Chanel catwalks. A cool news boy hat wore by a model in 2017. In addition, I am also a fan of beret to a certain extent. But leather berets are out of my hat list, because they remind me too much of Marlon Brando. To the point, it’s inevitable to refer comeback of berets after the 2017-18 Dior Show, The new trend makes happy, and I could wear them once again.

An eye-catching newsboy or cabbie hat is also one attractive headpiece got from New Brunswich for one-year support teaching. I conjure up memorable winter decades ago. The bright hat stimulated my spirits in discouraging and long winter. To a certain extent, a supply teacher would be fierce on winter playground, because of snowball fights. Anyway, bright hats, scarfs and mittens make me happy in winter.

The above exquisite hat on my friend’s head emerges at her daughter’s wedding in France. Upon seeing the photo, the grey dress and cream shawl have caught my sight. There are also many hats that never be shown on my blog. Then, I dig the stash of headpieces in my spare room to find some to match my outfits. The reason why I dig into my spare room largely lies in many of them haven’t ever been worn. I would like to go out with those adorable hats when the snow stops, the sun shines and the blue sky beckoned. In addition to winter hats, I have also owned a superb collection of other hats like straw hats, bowler hats, fascinators, summer bucket hats, etc. What a joyful day?

The Best Berets on the Market

In my opinion, it’s not easy to find what I regard as the greatest berets in Spain. One beret manufacturer Boinas Elósegui, a small family company, is the last one outside of China. The beret comes from the Spanish Basque region. High quality berets are woven by a kind of substantial and superior black wool. Over the years, I have seen, appreciated and owned a host of berets, but didn’t find ones’ quality could parallel with them.

There are also one online store I would like to recommend to all — https://berethat.co.uk/. All products from the website have been purchased from reliable suppliers. This is a website dedicated to berets like French berets, knit berets, leather berets and felt berets. All products are made of choice materials in good quality. Exquisite craftsmanship and sound customer service make them stand out among similar competitors. In spite of the personal preference, I feel berets are suitable for various occasions. Once stretched and adjusted it according to one’s head, the elastic inner band will not change its size. Besides, the inner band will not be stiff and dry like leather. Berets could be stretched to fit the biggest head. I could top the beret all day and even forgetting its existence. In the Basque country, such hats are always used to shade heads in scorching summer; it’s also great in rainy days.

I always wear the beret when I take a bicycle prior to change to mandated helmets. In case one would like to add an elastic inner band to any beret, almost each shoe-repairing store could do it. Besides, quality of leather will be superior to that of a hat company. Many may wonder reasons of photographer buying and selling berets. It’s very simple, because I intend to promote the word on great berets. It is closely connected to my personal experiences. Several  years ago, I lost my devoted beret bough from Spain. After a long term searching to find a replacement, I found no replacements paralleled with what I have lost. So I find the company where I got my first beret and purchased in bulk and sold berets left on eBay. Due to preferences and suggestions from customers, I reordered and expanded into other colors and sizes. At present, berets from the above website could be found in many countries. No one complains about their quality. They are wonderful presents to friends, families and colleagues.

Bestsellers of the selection are French berets. They are suitable for fancier occasions and everyday look. In general, the classic French berets are associate with artists, writers and painters. In the beginning, those berets are taken as a sign of rebellion against the status quo. No matter for men or women, modest beanies and baseball caps have adjusted and adapted to dress balls and similar occasions. Some argues that the French is equivalent to American Yuppies.

Different with the French beret in the past, today berets varied in colors, materials and designs. They also could be worn in all seasons.

Sensational Berets in Fashion

One will wonder that the reason why berets, original men’s hats, became popular among women. In retrospect to its history about alpine shepherds, it has been invented by men. In the early 1800s, berets were taken as an assortment of accessories ; reverberations in fashion should be owed to Coco Chanel in the 1930s. Following steps of the queen of fashion, many women began to don comfortable men’s clothes, and adapt them to a certain extent. Such behaviors spur a host of film stars like Greta Garbo and Brigitte Bardot to show up in front of public. Since then, berets have turned to an assortment of trendy accessories.

Novel Design and Endless Inspiration

Due to inconsistent rules on wearing them, berets are one flexible items of fashion accessories across the world. Older gents often wear it on their heads in normal; women fashionistas could top berets in various forms, arranging and re-arranging pigtails, ponytails and side ponytails to pair different outfits. Besides practical functions like UV blocking and water proofing, berets are regarded as chic accessories in daily life.

wool beret
Wool Beret

Weird Traditions

In the 1950s, the American Basque Beret was made in France for the Basque Beret Company. Those berets came with detailing with strange traditions and legends. In ancient Rome, a male who would like to engage with a female should snatch off the beret on her head. Such a behavior means that she had been accepted. There are also else traditions like fabricating berets with hair from departed relatives to show respects. This is a tradition in remote Tibet.

In 2014, France production wool berets witnessed serious decline. Compared with the production of the 1980s, France produced millions of berets a year while it produced just 16,000 a year in 2014. In recent years, the number of beret-production manufacture sunk from 30 to two: Laulhere and Blancq-Olibet. Then the later was acquired by Laulhere. Then only two manufacturers have shrunk to one. One critical factor lies in pricing. Berets from China, Czech Republic, India and other countries only sell for two euros; berets manufactured by Laulhere sell for at least 40 euros. But Mark Saunders said the price could not stand for everything. Berets from Laulhere give off pleasant odors when wet; but imported berets give off objectionable aromas.

It would be better to wear the traditional French if one is reluctant to smell unpleasant odors.  Some debunks the idea with facts. One has purchased a beret from Elosegui of Spain. Even it is put on a table in front of someone. There is no smell when wet. A senior editor of Fortune magazine says smell is not incurred by modern berets. Wherever berets were got from any country.

The biggest problem is that berets have low penetration to young people. In Spain, farmers and older people will wear them from time to time. On the contrary, women’s beret hat is accepted by young girls, because they could pair with many outfits and suitable for various occasions.

British Vintage Trend

Which style is the most popular this year? As a fashion fan, I tell you that a vintage trend is the most popular one. But the retro style is divided into different types. Among the various vintage styling, I like the British style most. Today, we mainly discuss the British retro style.

The essence of British clothing is elegance and simplicity. This style is very popular among ladies. London is one of the venues of Fashion Week. It is a very fashionable city and the local costumes have their own characteristics. British style clothes always have a cool feel. The typical British-style clothing area is London, where you can often see little vests, checked shirts and coats, Martin boots, etc.

vintage hats
vintage hats

Coats are indispensable items for British style. But in many styles of coats,

brown coats are the most retro objects. Coats are a handy piece of clothing, and I think there will be at least one coat in everyone’s closet. When you’re cold, you can wear a coat to protect it from the cold and when you’re hot, you can take it off. Whether it’s a skirt or pants, it can be worn with a coat.

The brown plaid coat is the most retro style of all styles. Plaid is a very classic element. Adding checked elements can make clothes look more retro. The checked dress also has a retro feel. Whether it’s a solid color or a colorful plaid, it creates a fascinating appeal and creates a romantic temperament. Whether it is a large plaid or a small plaid, it can be decorated with a beautiful body.

For the British style, the boots are also essential. Of the many boots, Martin boots are the most popular. Although Martin shoes have many colors and patterns, black is the most traditional and the most conservative brown. In addition, bright red, yellow, white, pink, blue, green, purple, etc. are also very popular. The Martin boots also have one of the main advantages: even though they have become very old, they are still beautiful. Martin’s boots are very strong and flexible. It is very comfortable to wear.

In summer or when it’s warmer, the boots can not be worn, but the black high heels are also a good choice. When it’s hot, you can wear a checker-board dress with black sandals and a dark red bag. When it’s cold, you can wear a coat outside of the checkered suit, with Martin ankle boots and black berets, both stylish and retro.

In fact, the British style is a very simple style. You only need to know a few classical classic elements to easily create a retro British style. If you like this style a lot, start learning now.

Nice knit hat

Winter is coming, many people are starting to wear hats and many are buying hats. Recently, I have always heard many people discuss hats. What hats are popular, what hats are hot and what hat is cheap and beautiful … But among them, I have heard many people say that the knit hat is ugly and I oppose it. So today, I will present the characteristics of various types of hats, mainly knit hats. I hope to give you a reference for you who are preparing to buy a hat.