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High Heels & Hat Stories

At the end of a year, the frigid weather and thick snow always tangle together. In spite of long-drawn and boring chilling winter, fashion girls should do something interesting to light the boring life. Psychologically speaking.

I’am a little tired of wearing sweaters and ski wears. Fashion diversion is badly needed for me, but it’s cruel to imagine abounded spring. When I mount my bike, I found that it is too cold to go out and ski. So I plan to get some thick hats for winter. All information on my Pinterest account reveals that I have dedicated to hats for a time. A superb collection of headpieces in my wardrobe is the source of my nickname “Hat Complex”, such as vintage hats, fashion hats from runways, bucket hats, cloches and fedoras.

Almost my whole week is occupied by thinking about hats, browsing hats and reading hats. The vintage cloches like that one wore by┬áMichelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey. Isn’t it a divine and classic look? I hope I could own the whole outfit in one day.

A costume in the film Funny face in 1957 caught my attention when I browse hats. See the following photo. I have no idea about the name of the hat. Is it possible to call it a bucket hat, cloche or Lampashade? No matter what its name, I just want it.

Another one comes from Chanel catwalks. A cool news boy hat wore by a model in 2017. In addition, I am also a fan of beret to a certain extent. But leather berets are out of my hat list, because they remind me too much of Marlon Brando. To the point, it’s inevitable to refer comeback of berets after the 2017-18 Dior Show, The new trend makes happy, and I could wear them once again.

An eye-catching newsboy or cabbie hat is also one attractive headpiece got from New Brunswich for one-year support teaching. I conjure up memorable winter decades ago. The bright hat stimulated my spirits in discouraging and long winter. To a certain extent, a supply teacher would be fierce on winter playground, because of snowball fights. Anyway, bright hats, scarfs and mittens make me happy in winter.

The above exquisite hat on my friend’s head emerges at her daughter’s wedding in France. Upon seeing the photo, the grey dress and cream shawl have caught my sight. There are also many hats that never be shown on my blog. Then, I dig the stash of headpieces in my spare room to find some to match my outfits. The reason why I dig into my spare room largely lies in many of them haven’t ever been worn. I would like to go out with those adorable hats when the snow stops, the sun shines and the blue sky beckoned. In addition to winter hats, I have also owned a superb collection of other hats like straw hats, bowler hats, fascinators, summer bucket hats, etc. What a joyful day?