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Sensational Berets in Fashion

One will wonder that the reason why berets, original men’s hats, became popular among women. In retrospect to its history about alpine shepherds, it has been invented by men. In the early 1800s, berets were taken as an assortment of accessories ; reverberations in fashion should be owed to Coco Chanel in the 1930s. Following steps of the queen of fashion, many women began to don comfortable men’s clothes, and adapt them to a certain extent. Such behaviors spur a host of film stars like Greta Garbo and Brigitte Bardot to show up in front of public. Since then, berets have turned to an assortment of trendy accessories.

Novel Design and Endless Inspiration

Due to inconsistent rules on wearing them, berets are one flexible items of fashion accessories across the world. Older gents often wear it on their heads in normal; women fashionistas could top berets in various forms, arranging and re-arranging pigtails, ponytails and side ponytails to pair different outfits. Besides practical functions like UV blocking and water proofing, berets are regarded as chic accessories in daily life.

wool beret
Wool Beret

Weird Traditions

In the 1950s, the American Basque Beret was made in France for the Basque Beret Company. Those berets came with detailing with strange traditions and legends. In ancient Rome, a male who would like to engage with a female should snatch off the beret on her head. Such a behavior means that she had been accepted. There are also else traditions like fabricating berets with hair from departed relatives to show respects. This is a tradition in remote Tibet.

In 2014, France production wool berets witnessed serious decline. Compared with the production of the 1980s, France produced millions of berets a year while it produced just 16,000 a year in 2014. In recent years, the number of beret-production manufacture sunk from 30 to two: Laulhere and Blancq-Olibet. Then the later was acquired by Laulhere. Then only two manufacturers have shrunk to one. One critical factor lies in pricing. Berets from China, Czech Republic, India and other countries only sell for two euros; berets manufactured by Laulhere sell for at least 40 euros. But Mark Saunders said the price could not stand for everything. Berets from Laulhere give off pleasant odors when wet; but imported berets give off objectionable aromas.

It would be better to wear the traditional French if one is reluctant to smell unpleasant odors.  Some debunks the idea with facts. One has purchased a beret from Elosegui of Spain. Even it is put on a table in front of someone. There is no smell when wet. A senior editor of Fortune magazine says smell is not incurred by modern berets. Wherever berets were got from any country.

The biggest problem is that berets have low penetration to young people. In Spain, farmers and older people will wear them from time to time. On the contrary, women’s beret hat is accepted by young girls, because they could pair with many outfits and suitable for various occasions.