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The Best Berets on the Market

In my opinion, it’s not easy to find what I regard as the greatest berets in Spain. One beret manufacturer Boinas Elósegui, a small family company, is the last one outside of China. The beret comes from the Spanish Basque region. High quality berets are woven by a kind of substantial and superior black wool. Over the years, I have seen, appreciated and owned a host of berets, but didn’t find ones’ quality could parallel with them.

There are also one online store I would like to recommend to all — https://berethat.co.uk/. All products from the website have been purchased from reliable suppliers. This is a website dedicated to berets like French berets, knit berets, leather berets and felt berets. All products are made of choice materials in good quality. Exquisite craftsmanship and sound customer service make them stand out among similar competitors. In spite of the personal preference, I feel berets are suitable for various occasions. Once stretched and adjusted it according to one’s head, the elastic inner band will not change its size. Besides, the inner band will not be stiff and dry like leather. Berets could be stretched to fit the biggest head. I could top the beret all day and even forgetting its existence. In the Basque country, such hats are always used to shade heads in scorching summer; it’s also great in rainy days.

I always wear the beret when I take a bicycle prior to change to mandated helmets. In case one would like to add an elastic inner band to any beret, almost each shoe-repairing store could do it. Besides, quality of leather will be superior to that of a hat company. Many may wonder reasons of photographer buying and selling berets. It’s very simple, because I intend to promote the word on great berets. It is closely connected to my personal experiences. Several  years ago, I lost my devoted beret bough from Spain. After a long term searching to find a replacement, I found no replacements paralleled with what I have lost. So I find the company where I got my first beret and purchased in bulk and sold berets left on eBay. Due to preferences and suggestions from customers, I reordered and expanded into other colors and sizes. At present, berets from the above website could be found in many countries. No one complains about their quality. They are wonderful presents to friends, families and colleagues.

Bestsellers of the selection are French berets. They are suitable for fancier occasions and everyday look. In general, the classic French berets are associate with artists, writers and painters. In the beginning, those berets are taken as a sign of rebellion against the status quo. No matter for men or women, modest beanies and baseball caps have adjusted and adapted to dress balls and similar occasions. Some argues that the French is equivalent to American Yuppies.

Different with the French beret in the past, today berets varied in colors, materials and designs. They also could be worn in all seasons.