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British Vintage Trend

Which style is the most popular this year? As a fashion fan, I tell you that a vintage trend is the most popular one. But the retro style is divided into different types. Among the various vintage styling, I like the British style most. Today, we mainly discuss the British retro style.

The essence of British clothing is elegance and simplicity. This style is very popular among ladies. London is one of the venues of Fashion Week. It is a very fashionable city and the local costumes have their own characteristics. British style clothes always have a cool feel. The typical British-style clothing area is London, where you can often see little vests, checked shirts and coats, Martin boots, etc.

vintage hats
vintage hats

Coats are indispensable items for British style. But in many styles of coats,

brown coats are the most retro objects. Coats are a handy piece of clothing, and I think there will be at least one coat in everyone’s closet. When you’re cold, you can wear a coat to protect it from the cold and when you’re hot, you can take it off. Whether it’s a skirt or pants, it can be worn with a coat.

The brown plaid coat is the most retro style of all styles. Plaid is a very classic element. Adding checked elements can make clothes look more retro. The checked dress also has a retro feel. Whether it’s a solid color or a colorful plaid, it creates a fascinating appeal and creates a romantic temperament. Whether it is a large plaid or a small plaid, it can be decorated with a beautiful body.

For the British style, the boots are also essential. Of the many boots, Martin boots are the most popular. Although Martin shoes have many colors and patterns, black is the most traditional and the most conservative brown. In addition, bright red, yellow, white, pink, blue, green, purple, etc. are also very popular. The Martin boots also have one of the main advantages: even though they have become very old, they are still beautiful. Martin’s boots are very strong and flexible. It is very comfortable to wear.

In summer or when it’s warmer, the boots can not be worn, but the black high heels are also a good choice. When it’s hot, you can wear a checker-board dress with black sandals and a dark red bag. When it’s cold, you can wear a coat outside of the checkered suit, with Martin ankle boots and black berets, both stylish and retro.

In fact, the British style is a very simple style. You only need to know a few classical classic elements to easily create a retro British style. If you like this style a lot, start learning now.

Nice knit hat

Winter is coming, many people are starting to wear hats and many are buying hats. Recently, I have always heard many people discuss hats. What hats are popular, what hats are hot and what hat is cheap and beautiful … But among them, I have heard many people say that the knit hat is ugly and I oppose it. So today, I will present the characteristics of various types of hats, mainly knit hats. I hope to give you a reference for you who are preparing to buy a hat.